Issue #1: May 2018

May 23, 2018

Warm Weather Arrives in Plum Station


It's almost summer, and in Plum Station, that means cold desserts. Beau Regards, sole proprietor and head chef of the local Plum Café, serves mixed berry parfaits to clammy townspeople on warmer weekends out of his travelling cart. "It was a recent investment," he says, coolly scooping strawberry ice cream into a glass. "Lots of people think food trucks are pretty cool right now, y'know... But this cart is much lower in emissions... Also we don't have roads"


Regards doesn't say much, but you can tell he enjoys putting smiles on the faces of his customers. We caught him watching locals enjoying their glacées aux baies with what was arguably a fond expression on his face.


Plum Café's Travelling Parfaits is accompanied on sunnier days by Regards' distinguished cat, Plum Jackson. When pressed for comment, Jackson told our reporters, "Meow."




The Plum Gazette's favorite fashion editor and beret-wearing sensation is sadly away from us right now, exploring all of the latest spring and summer styles abroad. However, after managing to get in touch with her at a textile convention in Prague, she returned to us a handwritten list of early summer essentials. The copy is as follows:


  • Wooden sandals, either in red or cream

  • Cotton skirts - must have pockets at least 3 inches deep

  • A silk scarf, tied around the face in such a way as to make you look very important. May be paired with sunglasses for added mystique

  • A single, fresh, sunflower

  • A perpetually ambiguous expression


Our experts have crunched the numbers, and they've found that sales in postcards are projected to rise at least 50% in the coming months. With more time to travel, the wanderers of the world will be turning to postcards rather than stationery sets in order to write to their loved ones back home. Whether this is because they are moving far too fast to sit down and assemble a letter, or because they no longer need envelopes to keep their messages warm, is yet to be determined.






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