Issue #2: June 2018

June 28, 2018


Lost Mailbag Discovered in Desert


This month's story comes to us from Plum Station's desert branch: a 100-year old mailbag was recently discovered by the head mailgirl of the arid Plum Outpost, the Station's center for international and par avion deliveries. She encountered the missing bag of treasures while on an excursion across the sands. It had been long buried in a dune, with only the top peeking out - however, as the bag's signature design has not been changed since the days of the settlement's founder, Cornelius Plum, she recognized it right away and quickly set to its excavation. 


The origins of the bag are still unknown. Some suspect that it was simply dropped and forgotten by a mail carrier travelling on foot, much like the one who discovered it. Others prefer to speculate about the exciting escapades it may have seen. As everyone knows, the Old Times were replete with dangers and thrills - outlaws, racketeers, shootouts, plane crashes, unsound infrastructure - and were not at all like today, which has none of those things. 


What we do know is that the bag is full of letters. Letters of all kinds - formal letters, friendly letters, love letters, not-so-lovely letters - or at least one speculates, as opening them would constitute a federal crime. They can currently be found at the post office's main branch, waiting to be claimed.




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