Issue #3, July 2018

July 27, 2018

A Day In the Life: Frog City Media


Recent college graduate Forg Frog is pursuing his career in journalism in the big city. We spent a day with him at the Frog News offices to learn more about what it's like to work for an international media conglomerate.


"I sharpen a lot of pencils, to be honest," he tells us, as his boss - CEO of Frog News, Freg Fräug - dumps out a box of pencils in front of him. Forg's desk is a nifty, modern little piece from FROKEA, which he assembled himself, and which is located very close to the snacks. "They made me junior editor after my internship last year, but I still sharpen a lot of pencils." A passerby drops another on the table. 


The dress code at Frog News is fairly casual, only drawing the line at open-toad shoes. Forg likes to wear the same outfit nearly every day, no matter what the weather is like: knee-length dress shorts from Froniqlo, a jacket from Blue Frog Japan, a stylish cap from a local frog-owned boutique, Frodidas sneakers, grey ankle socks from a pack, and a shirt with an appliquéed letter F on it, which stands for Forg. Or at least he tells us it does. "I like it because that's my name," he says, looking exceptionally proud.


After clocking in, hanging up his jacket, and shaking down the vending machine for loose snacks, Forg gets to work. Unfortunately, because the nature of that work is classified until publication, we don't get to see what he actually does. But from the determination on his face and shockingly few bathroom breaks we observed, we can tell that he is working very, very hard. 


Forg, who arrived at the offices at 8 in the morning, doesn't stop working until long past midnight. "Deadlines," he says simply. "It doesn't bother me, though. I like to work long hours. And I keep a humidifier at my desk, so that's good for my skin."


We help him get into his jacket and walk with him to the subway. "What am I going to do when I get home? Eat dinner, I guess," and he gestures towards his pockets, which are full of bag and bar snacks pilfered from the automat. "Then maybe work on some freelance assignments? I have a friend with a small town publication that needs help putting out their July issue." He laughs to himself. "I'm a frog in high demand..."


Forg waves goodbye at the entrance to his station - then he points up. "You know how it's dark out right now? And how it was light when we got here? When I first started working here, in Frog City, that always used to make me think, what am I doing? And what I was doing then was a lot of strange stuff, like call centers and line cooking and like, selling trash to make enough money to be able to live an hour and a half away by train." 


"And I would leave in the light and come back in the dark and get yelled at by drunk people and hit in the face with grate steam and look up at the sky and not see any stars. I mean, I still do all of that. But now I think it's okay, because I can go to a newspaper stand and see my name in a tiny font, and sometimes I get to be interviewed. So, thanks."


Forg Frog, hard at work. 




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